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Coronavirus News Dashboard

Track industry and company specific coronavirus-related news in real time

AYLIEN’s Coronavirus News Dashboard makes it easy for analysts and researchers to identify, track, and quantify the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy by analyzing the world’s news content at scale.

Understanding the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Monitoring global news signals is a crucial element in any risk management process. With the collosal rise in news coverage about the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping on top of economic and industry trends has never been more important.

There is a problem though: the volume of news is overwhelming. Combing through it manually is simply not effective (or even possible) for the majority of organizations. That’s why we have built an intuitive and easily digestible real-time dashboard for tracking the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on countries, industries, and companies.

Discover the news that matters to you

  • News tree map: A quick way of filtering news by sector, industry, and company. Find news on any company in 3 clicks.
  • News clusters: Get a high-level view of the world’s news landscape to discover events and topics of interest based on your filters.
  • News geo map: Discover country-specific news. Simply move around the map and click on the country you wish to explore.
  • Volume of news stories: Understand how media coverage for each industry has changed by tracking the volume of stories over time.

Sign Up: Free 3 Month Trial

Researchers and journalists working on the Coronavirus Pandemic can now avail of a 3-month subscription to AYLIEN’s News API completely free.

Effectively aggregate and understand coronavirus-related news articles from around the world using the AYLIEN News API.


Track the impact of coronavirus by monitoring the world’s news in real time across thousands of trusted sources, meaning you never miss an event when it matters.

Want to build your own?

Download our Coronavirus News Dataset

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