Media Intelligence Use Cases

Build news-powered apps and solutions

Comprehensive global coverage with access to enriched, tagged, and structured news data.

Brand and reputation intelligence
Sales intelligence
Competitive intelligence
  • Brand and reputation intelligence

    Brand and reputation intelligence

    Proactively identify and monitor relevant news content using AI-powered search and discovery.

  • Sales intelligence

    Sales intelligence

    Enrich your CRM and account targeting applications with relevant news insights.

  • Competitive intelligence

    Competitive intelligence

    Provide access to global media signals for competitive advantage.

Mainstream and long-tail global reach

Effective Media Intelligence requires extensive and trusted content coverage.

Our curated content partnerships ensure your monitoring processes cover global stories and events, through a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

  • Real-time ingestion from over 90,000+ trusted sources
  • Global coverage of more than 200 countries
  • Full analysis and translation support for up to 5 languages (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Chinese)

AI-powered content tagging and search

Traditional Media Intelligence practices are limited by complicated keyword-based searches and mentions.

Our Natural Language Processing engine adds 26 data points to every article, providing an unlimited combination of search criteria and filters helping you proactively identify and monitor the stories and events that matter.

  • Extensive metadata extraction including source, location, timestamp and more
  • Recognise and tag entities, categories, and topics
  • Article and entity-level sentiment analysis

Spot trends and quantify impact

Tracking brand and company mentions is important, but understanding context is key to effective Media Intelligence.

Our analysis capabilities make it easy to build visualizations and models to understand and quantify the impact of breaking news stories.

  • Event detection with Real-time Clustering
  • Time series and trend analysis
  • Structured data output for advanced analytics

No more scraping or complex data pipelines

Building complex scraping, ingestion, and delivery pipelines requires significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Ensure your engineers concentrate on what they do best by leveraging our end-to-end pipeline.

  • Automated article parsing and deduplication
  • Scalable end-to-end ingestion pipeline
  • Easy integration with robust SDKs and extensive documentation

AI-Powered Media Intelligence

The world's most powerful end-to-end News Intelligence Platform

The world's most powerful end-to-end News Intelligence Platform

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