Effective risk monitoring is rooted in the early identification of risk events

Current risk monitoring processes are ad-hoc, inefficient by design, optimized for compliance alone, and have been responsible for over $36bn in fines and losses in financial services since 2008.

Without access to critical data sources at scale, complete oversight, and data science capabilities, traditional analyst teams are struggling to stay on top of the myriad of potential risks they're bombarded with every day.

By embracing AI and ML you can revolutionize how you identify and manage risk across your entire organization.

Analyst processes transformed

Introducing RADAR

Your control center for the early identification, tracking and reporting of risk events

RADAR uses AI to understand vast quantities of unstructured data such as global news, company filings and regulatory updates to transform your risk monitoring and management processes.

Risk monitoring — above & beyond compliance


Discover 10x more potential risk events

Expand the breadth and depth of content sources monitored by your analysts with global news and regulatory information aggregated in real time.

  • 80,000+ multilingual news sources
  • Regulatory updates
  • Company filings



Track what matters with smart search and NLP-tagging

Proactively identify and monitor known and unknown risks relevant to your business, counterparties, and market.

  • 5.6 million entities recognized
  • 2,000+ risk, business, and industry categories
  • State-of-the-art sentiment analysis


Spot emerging risks early and take appropriate action

Stay ahead of the market and react to events with foresight through always-on risk monitoring, event detection, and alerting.

  • Event-based content clustering
  • Anomaly detection alerts
  • Realtime notifications



Reduce time to investigate risk events by up to 70%

Quantify potential impacts with precedent-based scenario analysis by leveraging historical risk events and scenarios.

  • 7 years of historical risk events
  • More than 400 million news articles
  • Event summaries and timelines

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Risk focused data aggregation, search, and analysis features

Everything your analysts need to identify and monitor known and unknown risks

  • Global news, regulatory updates, and company filings

    Global news, regulatory updates, and company filings

    Expand your monitoring reach with real-time access to critical data sources.

  • Historical event database

    Historical event database

    Leverage 7 years of tagged risk events in your impact assessment processes.

  • Searchable event- and article-level tags and filters

    Searchable event- and article-level tags and filters

    Identify what matters with NLP-enrichment and metadata tags.

  • No-code ML-powered filtering

    No-code ML-powered filtering

    Trainable AI to build company and topic level filters.

  • Automated event detection

    Automated event detection

    Ensure you spot risk events in their infancy.

  • Intelligent alerting

    Intelligent alerting

    Anomaly detection and event detection capabilities.

  • Translated content

    Translated content

    Empower your analysts with translated content in 14 languages.

  • Transformed workflows

    Transformed workflows

    Digitize your investigation processes while keeping an audit trail.

See It In Action

Get in touch to get exclusive access to our RADAR Beta program.

Get in touch to get exclusive access to our RADAR Beta program.