Structure the Unstructured

Event rich signals used in advanced analytics and modelling processes

Search over real-time and historical news content to build, validate, and inform data models and pipelines.

Parsed and translated news content
Tagged and time stamped articles
Instant access to trends and insights
  • Parsed and translated news content

    Parsed and translated news content

    Access over 300 million news articles with advanced search features.

  • Tagged and time stamped articles

    Tagged and time stamped articles

    Leverage our Entity recognition, Category Tagging, and Sentiment Analysis features as features in your modelling.

  • Instant access to trends and insights

    Instant access to trends and insights

    Advanced time series, trends, and event detection features.

Real-time and historical news content at your fingertips

We monitor thousands of news outlets in real time to give you an enriched and flexible news data feed. With our News API you can easily search, analyze, and leverage enriched news content in your modeling processes.

An end-to-end News Intelligence solution

AI is transforming the insurance industry, and that's why AON are using AYLIEN to augment traditional underwriting processes, using news data in risk and actuarial models.

Streamlining Aon's News Intelligence process.


"AYLIEN have a robust News API that allows us to aggregate and understand news content at scale. It doesn’t make sense for us to build a news intelligence pipeline ourselves. Why would we spend 18-months building it when AYLIEN have perfected it?"

Jennifer Cruise

Jennifer Cruise

Head of Data Science

SDKs and Code Snippets

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go get
Import and initiate the SDK
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package main

// Import the library
import (
newsapi ""


func main() {
cfg := newsapi.NewConfiguration()
cfg.DefaultHeader["X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-ID"] = os.Getenv("NEWSAPI_APP_ID")

// Configure API key authorization: app_key
cfg.DefaultHeader["X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-Key"] = os.Getenv("NEWSAPI_APP_KEY")

client := newsapi.NewAPIClient(cfg)
api := client.DefaultApi

storiesParams := &newsapi.ListStoriesOpts{
Title: optional.NewString("trump"),
NotLanguage: optional.NewInterface([]string{"en"}),
PublishedAtStart: optional.NewString("NOW-7DAYS"),
PublishedAtEnd: optional.NewString("NOW"),
EntitiesBodyLinksDbpedia: optional.NewInterface([]string{

storiesResponse, res, err := api.ListStories(context.Background(), storiesParams)
if err != nil {
_ = res

for _, story := range storiesResponse.Stories {
fmt.Println(story.Title, " / ", story.Source.Name)
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npm install aylien-news-api
Import and initiate the SDK
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var AylienNewsApi = require("aylien-news-api");

var defaultClient = AylienNewsApi.ApiClient.instance;

var app_id = defaultClient.authentications["app_id"];
app_id.apiKey = process.env["NEWSAPI_APP_ID"];

var app_key = defaultClient.authentications["app_key"];
app_key.apiKey = process.env["NEWSAPI_APP_KEY"];

var api = new AylienNewsApi.DefaultApi();

var opts = {
title: "trump",
sortBy: "social_shares_count.facebook",
notLanguage: ["en"],
publishedAtStart: "NOW-7DAYS",
publishedAtEnd: "NOW",
entitiesBodyLinksDbpedia: [

var callback = function(error, data, response) {
if (error) {
} else {
console.log("API called successfully. Returned data: ");
for (var i = 0; i < data.stories.length; i++) {
console.log(data.stories[i].title + " / " + data.stories[i];

api.listStories(opts, callback);
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pip install aylien_news_api
Import and initiate the SDK
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from __future__ import print_function
import time
import aylien_news_api
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

configuration = aylien_news_api.Configuration()
configuration.api_key['X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-ID'] = os.environ.get('NEWSAPI_APP_ID')
configuration.api_key['X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-Key'] = os.environ.get('NEWSAPI_APP_KEY')

client = aylien_news_api.ApiClient(configuration)
api_instance = aylien_news_api.DefaultApi(client)

api_response = api_instance.list_stories(
except ApiException as e:
print("Exception when calling DefaultApi->list_stories: %s\n" % e)
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gem install aylien_news_api
Import and initiate the SDK
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# Load the gem
require 'aylien_news_api'

# Setup authorization
AylienNewsApi.configure do |config|
config.api_key['X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-ID'] = ENV['NEWSAPI_APP_ID']
config.api_key['X-AYLIEN-NewsAPI-Application-Key'] = ENV['NEWSAPI_APP_KEY']

api_instance =

opts = {
title: 'trump',
published_at_start: "NOW-7DAYS",
published_at_end: "NOW",
entities_body_links_dbpedia: [
not_language: ['en'],
sort_by: 'social_shares_count.facebook'

result = api_instance.list_stories(opts)
result.stories.each do |story|
puts "#{story.title} / #{}"
rescue AylienNewsApi::ApiError => e
puts "Exception when calling DefaultApi->list_stories: #{e}"
puts e.response_body

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