AI-powered News API

Harnessing the business insight hidden in news content requires an army of engineers and data scientists. Our end-to-end pipeline aggregates, understands and delivers the world's news as clean ingestible structured data feeds.

The Quantexa News API pipeline



Comprehensive multilingual coverage

News API sources and ingests content from tens of thousands of global sources within minutes of an article being published.

  • Open web and licensed sources

    Open web and licensed sources

    90,000+ mainstream and long-tail news sources.

  • Multilingual Content

    Multilingual Content

    Ingestion and translation for content in 5 languages

  • Global news

    Global news

    Regional coverage from over 200 countries.


Intelligent processing, tagging, and enrichment

News API's research powered NLP models understands and tags thousands of articles every minute.

  • NLP-enrichment


    Including: entity, category, and topical tagging.

  • Event clustering

    Event clustering

    Event detection and article deduplication.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis

    Industry leading sentiment analysis at document and entity level.



Flexible and scalable delivery methods

Enhance your news powered applications, processes, and models with News API's enriched and structured news feeds and insights.

  • Adaptable to your needs

    Adaptable to your needs

    Flexible API and scalable rate limits.

  • Get started now

    Get started now

    Use Search UI to get up and running in minutes.

AI-powered search

Integrate With Ease

Easy to use REST API with structured JSON output

Build news powered applications, models, and processes with News API\s easy access to news content and data, without the need for complex scrapers or custom pipelines.

Source Filtering
Entity-Based Search
Category and Industry Search
Search by Event
  • Source Filtering

    Source Filtering

    Filter results by source attributes such as location, language, author, and popularity.

  • Entity-Based Search

    Entity-Based Search

    Accurately find mentions of organizations, brands, people, and locations.

  • Category and Industry Search

    Category and Industry Search

    High-precision categorization supports 3,000+ multi-tiered topics and over 1,500 industry tags.

  • Search by Event

    Search by Event

    Our SOTA clustering and deduplication models identify emerging events relative to your search.

Extensive Search and Analysis Capabilities

26 unique filters and searchable tags along with advanced analytics functions that provide enhanced search and analysis

  • Global Coverage

    Global Coverage

    Multilingual search and analysis capabilities

  • Entity Extraction

    Entity Extraction

    Support for 5M+ known entities

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    Article and entity-level sentiment analysis

  • Event detection

    Event detection

    Deduplication and real-time clustering capabilities

  • Topic Tagging

    Topic Tagging

    Topical tagging for more than 4,000 known categories

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Time series and trend analysis

  • Metadata Extraction

    Metadata Extraction

    Extensive source and author metadata

  • No scraping

    No scraping

    Real-time content processing and article parsing

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Talk to one of our experts or see a real-time demo.

Talk to one of our experts or see a real-time demo.