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Streamline manual tasks with automated discovery and investigation

Our AI-powered News Intelligence Platform makes it easy to build more effective research applications and processes.

Event detection and investigation
Augment research processes
Advanced analytics and modeling
  • Event detection and investigation

    Event detection and investigation

    Discover and investigate breaking news events by uncovering the stories and information that matter to your analysts.

  • Augment research processes

    Augment research processes

    Augment analyst research tasks with contextual information extracted from news content.

  • Advanced analytics and modeling

    Advanced analytics and modeling

    Enhance your analytics and reporting capabilities with easy access to structured news data.

An end-to-end News Intelligence solution

Global coverage for effective investigations

Effective research and investigation requires access to both mainstream and longtail news content. Our curated content partnerships mean we can ensure your reach is as wide or as narrow as you need, through a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

  • Local, national and international news
  • 90,000 global sources
  • Access 1.2 million articles per day

Separate signal from the noise

Finding what matters in the millions of pieces of content published online everyday is next to impossible for your analyst teams. Our Natural Language Processing engine adds 26 data points to every article analyzed, providing an unlimited combination of search criteria and filters to find what matters.

  • Track entities (companies, individuals, and topics)
  • Analyze sentiment
  • Categorize articles
  • Summarize content

Real-time event discovery and investigation

News content provides a snapshot of what’s happening in the world at any given time. With our clustering and event detection capabilities, it’s never been easier to build a 360° view of events reported as they unfold. Track how stories develop over time, understand the severity of events, and extract relevant information that might impact risk or opportunity.

  • Group articles by event
  • Deduplicate similar stories
  • Extract key event information

Built for data science and product management

End-to-end News Intelligence Platform

Everything you need to build scalable AI-powered discovery and investigation workflows

  • Global reach

    Global reach

    Global reach across 200 countries with multilingual NLP

  • Mulitiple languages

    Mulitiple languages

    Multilingual content, translated and search ready

  • 300 million articles

    300 million articles

    Real-time search and 5 years' historical search

  • Structured news

    Structured news

    26 searchable NLP enrichments per article

  • Topic Tagging

    Topic Tagging

    Topical tagging for more than 4,000 known categories

  • Event detection

    Event detection

    Deduplication and real-time clustering capabilities

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Time series and trend analysis

  • Easy to set up

    Easy to set up

    Seamless integration and robust SDKS

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