The News Intelligence Platform

News as a real-time source of business insight.

Understand the severity and impact of news stories or events as they unfold across the globe.

News content in… Business insight out!

Millions of real-world events and breaking stories are captured by news outlets every day.

Our AI-powered News Intelligence platform digests the world's news content while identifying and tracking what matters to your business with human-level accuracy.

Whether you’re monitoring media mentions, scoring risk associated with companies or individuals, or looking for an edge in your investment strategy, our enriched news data has you covered.

Risk Intelligence &
Adverse Media
Media Monitoring API
AI-driven media intelligence with AYLIEN News API

The hassle-free way to build accurate and flexible media monitoring solutions.

Risk Intelligence
News data as an informed risk signal

Intelligent news monitoring for risk and compliance solutions.

Adverse Media Screening
AI-powered Adverse Media Tracking

News Aggregation, Search, and Analysis for Intelligent Adverse Media Screening

Financial Analytics
News as an alternative data source

Real-time and historical access to a structured, cleansed, and enriched news data source.

News Intelligence Simplifed

We make it easy to aggregate, analyze, and action news content at scale.

No more web scraping — out of the box NLP, and simple integration means you can start leveraging news content in your analysis pipeline today.

ML and NLP powered enrichment

We add up to 25 data enrichments to every article we ingest, giving you an unlimited number of search and filter options to find what matters to you.

  • Entity and topic based search
  • Event detection and clustering
  • Category tagging
  • Sentiment analysis

Global, multilingual support

Our content partnerships and source list span the entire globe, covering mainstream news as well as specialist blogs with regional ties, giving you the complete picture.

  • 16 languages
  • 165 countries
  • Premium publications
  • Long tail regional coverage

Real-time processing

We ingest content within minutes of it being published online and analyze it in milliseconds, providing an up-to-date time-stamped news data feed.

  • Up to the minute coverage
  • Sub-second analysis
  • Polling enabled

Easy integration and deployment

Our API design ensures integration is one less thing you need to worry about.

  • SDKs for 7 programming languages
  • Flexible APIs for search and integration
  • Simple interactive documentation

Content aggregation, understanding, and utilization tools that simplify complex news powered processes and pipelines.

  • 40,000 sources
  • 165 countries
  • 16 languages
  • Premium and licensed content
Identify and Search
  • 25+ data enrichments
  • Event detection
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Deduplication
  • Entity-based tracking
  • Enterprise ready
  • Flexible APIs
  • SDKs
  • Real-time ingestion and processing
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