Bring the power of Natural Language Processing to your products and applications for a better understanding of human languages.

AYLIEN Products

We provide powerful and flexible AI-driven content analysis solutions that bring the power of NLP to the masses. We help developers, data scientists, and marketers understand human-generated textual content at scale.

Text Analysis API
Text Analysis API

An easy-to-use API for extracting valuable information from textual content — such as sentiment, entities, categories, and summaries.

Leverage our Natural Language Processing engine to simplify the workload of dealing with textual content. Run complex Text Analysis functions with a couple of lines of code.

News API
News API

Natural Language Processing applied to streams of news content.

Access a real-time and enriched news data source. We use our Text Analysis engine to crawl and index thousands of news sources in real-time and analyze their content, creating a live dataset of analyzed and cleaned-up news data for you to query.

Text Analysis Platform
Text Analysis Platform (TAP)

A Text Analysis platform that boosts your NLP workflow.

Create production-ready custom NLP models in minutes. TAP manages the complex model building process, from start to finish. Build, evaluate, and improve your models through a user-friendly UI and simplified workflow.

Build Intelligent Content Analysis Solutions

We make it easy to build apps and solutions that can process millions of pieces of text every day.

The flexibility and accuracy of our products allow our customers to build critical applications and solutions in marketing, finance, media, PR, analytics, and research across a wide variety of industries.

Voice of the Customer & Social Listening

Understand digital conversations and uncover key business insights from massive amounts of text.

  • Analyze the sentiment of customer interactions
  • Categorize customer correspondence
  • Monitor & measure social media reaction
  • Build intelligent Q&A workflows
Media Monitoring & News Aggregation

Build intelligent news aggregation and PR tools that cut through the noise and find what matters to you or your users.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Track brand mentions and shifts in sentiment
  • Aggregate content at scale
  • Build intelligent news apps and solutions
Market & Risk Analysis

Dive deep into unstructured data sources as part of your risk analysis and reporting pipeline.

  • Track organization mentions
  • Evaluate events and supplier risk
  • Monitor industry and market performance
  • Proactively identify trends and events
Publishing Solutions

Make data-driven advertising, editorial, and distribution decisions by understanding what’s published across your network.

  • Build recommendation engines
  • Evaluate content performance
  • Automate content analysis and tagging
  • Uncover hot content topics
Leave the Hard Work to Us
Remove the complexity of analyzing textual content and concentrate on what you do best.
State of the Art Models

Leverage our tried and tested NLP models

Built to Scale

Process millions of documents per minute

Real-time Processing

Enjoy sub-second response times

Flexible APIs
Flexible APIs

Integrate with our APIs in minutes

Ready to Get Started?
Text Analysis API

Analyze documents, web pages, Tweets, comments, and reviews in seconds.

News API

Search, source, and analyze news stories from across the web.

Text Analysis Platform

Build custom NLP models in the cloud from within your browser.