Text Analysis Platform (TAP)

Build Custom NLP Models in the Cloud

Build a model tailored to your solution, then deploy and maintain it with ease

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The Complete End-to-End Platform for Building Custom NLP Models

Sometimes, a one-size-fits-all model just isn’t enough. With TAP, you can create production-ready Classification, Sentiment Analysis, and Entity Extraction models in minutes, without leaving your browser.

Remove the Complexity, Without Compromising on Performance

Train complex, state-of-the-art, models using our intuitive web-based user interface

Train models based on your own data and taxonomies

No Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or coding knowledge required

Collaborate with others on datasets and models in our Marketplace

Train a production-ready model in a matter of minutes

Deploy and use models in production with just one click

Leverage our Knowledge Base and datasets to build your own model, even when you don’t have any labeled data

Manage, maintain, and update models with ease

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Let TAP Do the Heavy Lifting, at Every Stage of the Process

TAP simplifies each and every stage of the model-training process from pre-processing to deployment.


Building a dataset has never been easier. Upload your own training data, or use our Knowledge Base to search hundreds of millions of documents to build a labeled dataset.


We’ve simplified how you can train a Machine Learning- and Deep Learning-powered model: just specify your parameters, and start training your model with a few clicks. Easily tweak your parameters to find the optimal model for your use case.


Evaluate the accuracy of multiple models side by side, and pinpoint where performance can be improved. Iterate on your model until you’re ready to push it to production.


Once you’ve found your ideal version, deploy your model for use in the real world, on new data, with one click and through the TAP API. After this, maintaining and updating models is easy.

Custom NLP Models Built for the Task at Hand

TAP lets you build complex models specifically designed for the problem you’re trying to solve.

Create a classification model based on your own Taxonomy

Build a domain-specific Sentiment Analysis model that works for your industry

Create context-aware Entity Extraction models based on your own dictionary

Leverage other users’ datasets and models in our Marketplace

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