Category and Industry Tagging

Find the news you care about, without writing complex queries

Robust news tagging based on expertly curated category and industry taxonomies

Industry specific news coverage
Topical news search and filtering
Adverse & Trading Impact Events
  • Industry specific news coverage

    Industry specific news coverage

    ~1,500 industrial classifications such as Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities, Retail, Manufacturing, and much more.

  • Topical news search and filtering

    Topical news search and filtering

    ~3,000 topical categories covering Business and Commerce, Finance and Economics, Politics, and more.

  • Adverse & Trading Impact Events

    Adverse & Trading Impact Events

    Curated high-impact event categories ranging from Natural Disasters to Civil unrest to Bankruptcy and layoffs, and much more.

Accurate tags means relevant output

Trust the data and events you pass to your models and downstream applications is relevant and consistent

  • Multilingual Tagging

    Multilingual Tagging

    Tag content in 5 languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese).

  • Simplified Search and Filtering

    Simplified Search and Filtering

    No more complex keyword queries that need to be maintained and updated.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Ensure you only surface news events that are relevant to your end-users or models.

  • Trusted and Maintained

    Trusted and Maintained

    Have confidence in expertly-curated taxonomies that are constantly updated.

Media Intelligence

Monitor impactful news and breaking events

Uncover the events and stories that matter in your market with effective search and filtering.

Leverage thousands of media intelligence related categories and enhance your media intelligence applications and processes:

  • Sales intelligence
  • Market Intelligence
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand monitoring

Media Intelligence
Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence

Identify emerging and historical risk events

Block out the noise and only surface the news events that matter to your end-users, analysts, and risk models.

Build accurate topical and industry related search queries with thousands of risk and finance related topics:

  • Reputational Risk
  • Third Party Risk
  • ESG Monitoring
  • Adverse & Trading impact events

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Get access to the Smart Tagger taxonomies and start building your queries

Get access to the Smart Tagger taxonomies and start building your queries