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At AYLIEN, we love the Web, but we also recognize its flaws, which is why we spend our days reimagining the way we interact with the Web. We're building a Web that's more agile, more useful, and, above all, more intelligent. From our headquarters in Dublin, we spend our nights dreaming, and our days turning those dreams into reality. We want to make the Web better, for everyone who lives or works on the Web: media, journalists, bloggers and Web surfers.


When Parsa Ghaffari set out to create a tool that would virtually eliminate the need for publishers to research trivial details on the Web, he ran into a small problem: the Web isn't yet built to support such a tool. Undeterred, he began to tear the Web apart to see what it's made of. What he found led him to a simple but startling conclusion.

The Web is broken.

For all its wonders, the Web is incapable of a great many things. It's a great vehicle of discovery, but one that's limited to paved roads. What if we could transform it into something from a James Bond movie? What if we could give it tank tires, or rocket launchers, or turn it into a submarine on demand? (Note: we can't give it rocket launchers. That would be irresponsible.) With that goal in mind, Parsa assembled a team that shared his passion, and in 2011, AYLIEN was spawned. We all came together with one simple but incredibly challenging goal: to build a Web that's faster, stronger, smarter.

We're a group of coders, designers, thinkers, and dreamers. Our vision is a Web in which data and machines are linked to increase efficiency, decrease friction, and bring order to chaos. The internet puts everything—the whole of the world's information—at our fingertips. Generally, though, that's where things fail- at our fingertips, because we must know precisely what we're looking for, and even then, we have to sift through mountains of data to find the needle in the haystack. We're building a Web in which the needle comes to you.

So we build APIs that media organizations can build on top of to extract insight from any text, or to delight their readers with intelligent news delivery. We build publisher tools that allow a bloggers and journalists to connect to their audience and engage them in new and exciting ways. We build apps for consumers to find great people, great stories, and great discussions, or to build a digital profile that's as layered and as nuanced as our analog selves. We build things that will propel the Web forward (except on Tuesdays, when we build forts out of empty coffee cups). But you didn't hear that from me.


Let's have a quick look at our awesome team:

Parsa Ghaffari


Kevin Boyle


Amir Saeid


Mike Waldron

Sales and Marketing

Hamed Ramezanian


Peiman Barnaghi


John Glover

Science & Engineering

Sebastian Ruder


Afshin Mehrabani


Nicolas Pechéux


Robson Montenegro


Noel Bambrick

Sales and Marketing

Cyril Ebersweiler


Shawn Broderick


John Breslin


Sean O'Sullivan


Bill Liao


Alan Clayton



We are proudly backed by SOS Ventures International.

Teamwork is the secret that allows common people to achieve uncommon results.

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