Intelligent Risk Analysis and Automation

Leverage our News API to identify, track, and understand risk signals at scale.

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Structure the Unstructured — Identify Signals that Matter

Supercharge your risk management process or solution with our intelligent and flexible news service

Event Detection
Advanced Analytics
KYC/CDD Monitoring
Adverse Media Tracking
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Flexible and scalable news data as a service

16 languages
40000+ sources
5000000 entities recognized
2600 categories
15000+ events per day
6 years archive content

News Aggregation, Analysis, and Utilization in one easy-to-use API

Leveraging unstructured data as part of your risk focused solutions and processes doesn’t have to be a pain. We provide the building blocks to power your intelligent content analysis pipelines.

Separate signal from the noise

Finding what matters in the millions of pieces of content published online everyday is next to impossible.

Our Natural Language Processing engine adds 25+ data points to every article analyzed, providing an unlimited combination of search criteria and filters to find what matters.

  • Track entities (companies, individuals, and topics)
  • Analyze sentiment
  • Categorize articles
  • Summarize content

Event detection and clustering

News content provides a snapshot of what’s happening in the world at any given time. With our clustering and event detection capabilities, it’s never been easier to build a 360° view of events reported as they unfold.

Track how stories develop over time, understand the severity of events, and extract relevant information that might impact risk or opportunity.

  • Group articles by event
  • Deduplicate similar stories
  • Monitor coverage across regions

Extract valuable insight

Extracting business insight from news content no longer requires a complex content analysis pipeline maintained by an army of engineers and data scientists.

We provide instant access to key signals and analyses from news content at scale. Making the world’s news available as a structured database.

  • Time series data
  • Trend analysis
  • Complex modelling capabilities

Multilingual NLP

News coverage varies depending on the source, region, and language. Getting a truly global view of an event or story often requires a team of multilingual analysts.

However, having the capability to analyze, understand, and access the translated output means analysts get a 360° view of the world's events.

  • Collect and understand news in up to 16 languages
  • Translate article titles and bodies to English
  • Investigate the impact to events across the globe

AI-powered News Intelligence Platform

Use our advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to identify and understand the events and stories that matter to your business as they unfold.

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  • Structured data feeds
  • No more scraping
  • Clean JSON response
Process Content
  • Advanced NLP and metadata extraction
  • 25+ data points per article
  • Multiple languages supported
Easilly Accessible
  • RESTful APIs
  • SDKs in 7 languages
  • Real-time and historical access