AYLIEN is always excited by the innovative ways in which our customers get value from our News API, and so we are delighted to showcase how Okapi, a risk intelligence company focused on commercial real estate, use News API to easily find the relevant and timely news that is crucial to the success of their product.

Who are Okapi?

Okapi are the leaders in innovative risk assessment for the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. They work with some of the largest landlords in the world, providing comprehensive, timely, and accurate risk assessment reports for asset acquisition risk, new tenant risk, and existing portfolio risk. 

The need for access to timely and trusted news data

Okapi aggregate data from hundreds of relevant and diverse data sources in a variety of structured and unstructured formats. The data collected is then fed through Okapi’s machine learning engine to create highly accurate risk analysis reports for their CRE clients. This provides substantive insights for their customers in relation to portfolio management, tenant risk, and asset acquisition   

Their data sources include hiring information from HR platforms, labor statistics, location based data as well as more traditional and structured data which includes market-specific data and financial reporting information. 

These are all high quality, trustworthy sources of information, that give Okapi access to critical data that they use in their modelling processes. While these data sources are pivotal to the Okapi service they can be difficult to access and often aren’t updated or published on a regular basis.  

In order to improve the effectiveness of their data insight tools, Okapi wanted to move closer to being able to provide more real-time updates. News data was therefore identified by Okapi as a crucial element of their risk-prediction algorithm, providing up-to-date data and even what co-founder Maya Gal described as a “peek into the future”. 

Real-time aggregation from trusted sources

With access to over 80,000 high quality sources and the AI-powered enrichments applied to every news article ingested AYLIEN News API makes aggregating, understanding, and delivering the news content an easy but powerful process. Every news article is enriched with 26 data points in real time through a proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine that adds structure to unstructured news, making it easy for customers to pinpoint the news that matters.

Okapi aggregates relevant news using AYLIEN News API and applies their own layer of risk-focused machine learning which further tags and categorizes news data, based on a custom domain-specific taxonomy, to ensure the highest impact insights are included in risk assessment reports for their CRE clients.

Why Okapi chose AYLIEN

Okapi chose AYLIEN News API after a thorough evaluation process of several vendors. Easy access to news content, powerful search functionality, and accurate categorization combined to deliver consistently excellent results for Okapi. Time to value was fast thanks to AYLIEN’s straightforward business ethos and simple integration.

With AYLIEN, we are doing a better job of making sure that the news we are looking for is actually about the relevant company.

Maya Gal image

Maya Gal

Okapi co-founder

Two particularly important reasons why Okapi chose AYLIEN News API are: the flexibility and agility of AYLIEN to work with Okapi to achieve specific requirements, such as adding sources requested by clients. Also, the business values of both companies align thanks to the mutual commitment to providing clients with the best possible service through the implementation of cutting edge AI technology. 


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