Credit risk and customer intelligence

Credit risk and customer intelligence

Enhance the insights and scores you provide with external data signals and feeds

Global news is a critical data source for risk and market intelligence models and products. However, the scale and complexity of this unstructured data source means identifying the signals that matter in global news content is increasingly difficult.

Companies like Wells Fargo, Fidelity, and CreditSafe are using AYLIEN’s NLP-powered News API to collect, structure, and operationalize news data in their internal and external intelligence products with ease, without having to build and maintain their own analysis pipelines.

The NLP-powered News Intelligence Platform

AYLIEN, a Quantexa company, helps data teams in companies such as Wells Fargo, IBM, and Deloitte easily surface the risk and market intelligence signals that matter, while cutting out the noise.

Aggregate, filter, and integrate news articles, insights, and data



What are the News API options out there?

Download this white paper to understand how these 5 different News API options compare (#1 Built in-house, #2 Basic News API, #3 Intermediate News API, #4 Legacy vendor, #5 AYLIEN News API) when it comes to:

  • Coverage
  • Data enrichment
  • ESearch and discovery
  • Data utilization/delivery
  • Cost
  • Reliability
  • Web UI

Integrate With Ease

Easy to use REST API with structured JSON output

Build news powered applications, models, and processes with easy access to news content and data, without the need for complex scrapers or custom pipelines.

Source Filtering
Entity-Based Search
Category and Industry Search
Search by Event
  • Source Filtering

    Source Filtering

    Filter results by source attributes such as location, language, author, and popularity.

  • Entity-Based Search

    Entity-Based Search

    Accurately find mentions of organizations, brands, people, and locations.

  • Category and Industry Search

    Category and Industry Search

    High-precision categorization supports 3,000+ multi-tiered topics and over 1,500 industry tags.

  • Search by Event

    Search by Event

    Our SOTA clustering and deduplication models identify emerging events relative to your search.

Extensive Search and Analysis Capabilities

26 unique filters and searchable tags along with advanced analytics functions that provide enhanced search and analysis

  • Global Coverage

    Global Coverage

    Multilingual search and analysis capabilities

  • Entity Extraction

    Entity Extraction

    Support for 5M+ known entities

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    Identify positive, negative, and neutral signals at an article, sentence, and entity level.

  • Event detection

    Event detection

    Deduplication and real-time clustering capabilities

  • Topic Tagging

    Topic Tagging

    Topical tagging for more than 4,000 known categories

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Time series and trend analysis

  • Metadata Extraction

    Metadata Extraction

    Extensive source and author metadata

  • No scraping

    No scraping

    Real-time content processing and article parsing

When it comes to stocks, you need to stay informed in real time. That's why Revolut use Quantexa News API to help their users stay informed of global market news in their app.

Providing impact news to Revolut users.


"Quantexa’s News Intelligence solution allows us to provide relevant, timely, and trusted news updates for our wealth and trading customers. This helps our users make informed decisions when trading in the Revolut app."

Andre Mohamed

Andre Mohamed

Head of Wealth and Trading

AI is transforming the insurance industry, and that's why AON are using Quantexa News Intelligence to augment traditional underwriting processes, using news data in risk and actuarial models.

Streamlining Aon's News Intelligence process.


"Quantexa have a robust News API that allows us to aggregate and understand news content at scale. It doesn’t make sense for us to build a news intelligence pipeline ourselves. Why would we spend 18-months building it when Quantexa have perfected it?"

Jennifer Cruise

Jennifer Cruise

Head of Data Science

ESG Plus use news data from Quantexa News API to create sustainability assessments that are easy to understand and tell the story of what really happens to your money.


“With Quantexa we have a lot more coverage, which was one of our goals. But Quantexa’s categorization helps to reduce the noise. We feel like we can control it to catch more incidents, even those on the edge that we wouldn’t catch otherwise.”

Thomas Ebenstein

Thomas Ebenstein


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Who are we?

Who are we?

The NLP-powered News Intelligence Platform

AYLIEN leverages Artificial Intelligence to empower thousands of forward-thinking enterprises and developers to collect, analyze, and understand vast amounts of human-generated content.

In February 2023 AYLIEN joined Quantexa, combining structured and unstructured data for improved decision intelligence