Companies from all over the world rely on media intelligence tools to synthesize great volumes of content in order to keep on top of everything that’s being said about them, their competitors, suppliers and stakeholders. News in particular is one of the main sources that’s contributing to uncovering risks and opportunities. Without proper news monitoring and investigation, decision making would be just taking shots in the dark. 

However, the last number of years saw many technological evolutions when it comes to news - from the way journalists write and publish news content to the way companies do their news monitoring. And while it became clear that no company can afford to skip reading and analyzing the news relevant to them, keeping up to date with the best ways to do so requires an awareness of the latest technological advancements that apply to this industry. 

Precisely because it’s so important to keep cutting-edge technologies on your radar, we decided to write a high level overview of the most important trends to be aware of in 2023 when it comes to media intelligence.

Here are the 7 trends that you can read about in our whitepaper called “The future of news in media intelligence”:

  1. Data democratization
  2. Augumented intelligence: Machine + human
  3. Natural language generation
  4. Data-as-a-Service
  5. Real-time data access
  6. Gaining an edge with alternative data
  7. Misinformation vs trusted sources and the wisdom of the crowd

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