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End-To-End News Intelligence

Simplified access to news data and content: tagged, searchable and actionable

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    We give you instant access to 80,000 sources and 1.5M NLP enriched news articles every day.

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    AI-powered search helps you surface what matters, and filter out the rest, with 5.6M recognised entities, and over 4,500 category and industry tags.

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    Data vizualizations, including time series and trend analyses, provide instant real-time insights and rich historical content.

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    Easily send news data to the apps and models that need it, or create reports to share with stakeholders that need to stay informed.


Real-time and historical access to global news content and data

Monitor 1.5m articles ingested and indexed every day from 80,000 curated sources.

  • Multilingual and translated content
  • Public and licensed sources
  • Full article search
  • Content deduplication



Find the news you care about and filter out the noise with AI-powered search

NLP powered tags and enrichments for every article to deliver accurate and efficient search and discovery.

  • Entity-based search
  • Smart category and industry tagging
  • Entity and document level sentiment analysis
  • Event-based clustering


Identify and visualize trends and critical insights with advanced analytics features

Our analysis features make it easy to gain insight from real-time data visualizations.

  • Track volume of mentions over time
  • Identify trending topics and entities
  • Group news articles by contextual similarity



What our customers say:

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When it comes to stocks, you need to stay informed in real time. That's why Revolut use AYLIEN to help their users stay informed of global market news in their app.

Providing impact news to Revolut users.

Andre Mohamed

"AYLIEN’s News Intelligence solution allows us to provide relevant, timely, and trusted news updates for our wealth and trading customers. This helps our users make informed decisions when trading in the Revolut app."

Andre Mohamed

Andre Mohamed

Head of Wealth and Trading

AI is transforming the insurance industry, and that's why AON are using AYLIEN to augment traditional underwriting processes, using news data in risk and actuarial models.

Streamlining Aon's News Intelligence process.

Jennifer Cruise

"AYLIEN have a robust News API that allows us to aggregate and understand news content at scale. It doesn’t make sense for us to build a news intelligence pipeline ourselves. Why would we spend 18-months building it when AYLIEN have perfected it?"

Jennifer Cruise

Jennifer Cruise

Head of Data Science

ESG Plus use news data from AYLIEN News API to create sustainability assessments that are easy to understand and tell the story of what really happens to your money.

Thomas Ebenstein

“With AYLIEN we have a lot more coverage, which was one of our goals. But AYLIEN’s categorization helps to reduce the noise. We feel like we can control it to catch more incidents, even those on the edge that we wouldn’t catch otherwise.”

Thomas Ebenstein

Thomas Ebenstein


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