Based in Dublin, Ireland, AYLIEN is a software startup focused on creating intelligent yet simple applications in the news and media space.

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Founding team

Parsa Ghaffari is an engineer and entrepreneur who proudly calls Dublin, Ireland his second home and headquarters. After graduating with a degree in Process Engineering, Ghaffari co-founded a game design studio in 2009. The success of that venture launched him into the world of entrepreneurship, teaching him valuable lessons that he later used to form the foundation of AYLIEN.

“Parsa Ghaffari is a phenomenal engineer and entrepreneur. Running a cutting edge social networking website in Iran would have been impossible for various reasons, so it’s great that he and his team had the courage to leave their home country and relocate to Ireland. We’re thankful that the Entrepreneurship Visa, and the Tech Visa, allows Ireland to grab the world’s best and brightest, from wherever they come, and give them the opportunity to build world-leading businesses based in Ireland.”
“SOSventures is proud to back AYLIEN.”

– Sean O’Sullivan, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

“I’m very excited in what I’ve seen in the new system from AYLIEN. Sometimes web-based discussion systems like forums and blogs can suffer from a lack of real-time interaction due to their asynchronous nature – so some of the less-discussed topic areas can become dormant over time. But having a system where you can have a more real-time conversation – part internet chat and part discussion form – should provide a hook to keep people interested in the topic.”

– John Breslin, Lecturer and Researcher at NUI Galway and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Press Releases

Date Title
09/3/2016 AYLIEN closes significant growth-led financing round with SOSV and Enterprise Ireland
15/9/2014 AYLIEN Announces Intelligent Text Analysis Google Sheets add-on
17/2/2014 AYLIEN Announces Text Analysis API, a Suite of NLP, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning APIs to Extract Insights from Documents

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