Following on from our previous feature explainer videos (entities and categories), Parsa focuses on clustering in AYLIEN News API: what is it, and why is it useful?

Millions of news articles are published every day from different sources and in different languages. In order to not miss out on key events, we need to scan as many articles as possible, however that comes with a challenge: there is a huge amount of repetition in the news.

This means that a major event, for example involving a large well known corporation, could be covered by literally thousands of news outlets at the same time, which adds extra overload to your analysis process.

In order to resolve this issue, Aylien provides an advanced event clustering functionality, which identifies all the articles written about the same real-world event, regardless of the language they’re written in, and groups them together so that you can investigate them as a single event with many coverages, rather than lots of small events.

Our clustering functionality enables News API users to:

  • Determine what topics of interest are developing in the news landscape
  • Identify events of interest that are developing in the world's news content
  • Deduplicate content in news streams

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