At AYLIEN, we make our powerful News API available via multiple languages. However, our Python Software Development Kit (SDK) is by far the most popular.

That's why we've created the News API Starter Guide for Python Users to make it even easier to get the news that matters to you.

In this Jupyter notebook, we show you how to get up and running quickly with four of the AYLIEN News API's most commonly used endpoints.

  • stories (pull articles that have been enriched by AYLIEN's NLP technology)
  • timeseries (pull the volume of stories that meet your query over time)
  • trends (identify the most prevalent entities, concepts or keywords that appear in the stories that meet your criteria)
  • clusters (identify clusters of similar news stories to investigate events)

We'll also show you some helpful code to start wrangling the data in Python using Pandas and visualizing it using Plotly.

As an exercise, we focus on pulling news stories related to Citibank, to show how these different endpoints can be used in combination to investigate a topic of your choice.

The guide includes details on:

  • Making Your First Calls
  • Refining Your Query
  • Non-English Content
  • Create a Pandas Dataframe From a List of Stories Dictionaries
  • The Timeseries Endpoint
  • The Trends Endpoint
  • The Clusters Endpoint

Click below to visit the NEWS API Starter Guide for Python Users.


Comprehensive documentation on how to use the News API can be found here.

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