AYLIEN News API enables media intelligence organizations find the news that matters, when it matters, thanks to extensive content coverage and powerful search capabilities. In this video I’ll explain why you need a News API for Media Intelligence.

Whatever your media intelligence use case is, be it market, brand, or sales intelligence to name a few, it’ll require the same thing: easy access to the world’s news at scale so your organization can understand what is published about you and the companies you care about, like articles on mergers and acquisitions for sales intelligence, or articles mentioning a new product launch from a competitor.

A News API matters because traditional media intelligence workflows have been stretched to capacity, and older technologies are no longer fit for purpose, bombarding you with masses of noise and irrelevant results. As a result, important signals are often missed or discovered too late. Now organizations can use the power of AI technologies to access and analyze huge quantities of news in real-time, and find the articles that really matter to them in a much more accurate, efficient, and effective way. If comprehensive coverage is what you need, AYLIEN News API provides access to around 2 million multilingual news articles from around the world every day, meaning you won’t be in danger of missing any mention.

But media intelligence is also just as much about filtering out the news articles that you don’t want, and AYLIEN’s specialized entity and category search capabilities, as well as deduplication, make it easy to cut out noise and focus on only relevant articles. This saves countless hours of work and helps identify the signals that will make a difference.

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