We help our users understand and classify content so they can extract insight from it. Being able to classify and tag content like news articles, blogs and web pages allows our users to manage and categorize content effectively and more importantly at scale. Up until now we’ve offered two forms of content classification/categorization, one based on IPTC Subject Codes specifically useful for our news and media customers and the second, a flexible tagging feature based on Semantic Labeling for those who wish to apply custom labels to text.

From today on, however, we’ll offer a third classification feature that’s primarily focused on providing an advertising focused classification method. This allows our Ad Tech users to tag and categorize text based on Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards. We’re super excited about our IAB classification feature which categorizes content based on the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines. This classification feature automatically categorizes text based into hierarchical groups based on the IAB quality assurance guideline taxonomy thus providing easily referenceable and usable tags of which you can see examples of below. IAB QAG Taxonomy

The IAB QAG contextual taxonomy was developed by the IAB in conjunction with taxonomy experts from academia, ad measurement companies, and members of the IAB Networks & Exchanges Committee in order to define content categories on at least two different tiers, making content classification a lot more consistent across the advertising industry. The first tier being a broad level category and the second a more detailed description or more specifically a root and leaf type structure. Example Article:


"categories": [
      "leaf": {
          "confidence": 0.07787707145827048,
          "id": "IAB2-10","label":
          "Automotive>Electric Vehicle"},
      "root": {
          "confidence": 0.6789603849779564,
          "id": "IAB2","label":


IAB classification was the most requested feature addition we’ve had over the last 6 months. As more and more companies invest in online advertising, publishers, agencies, ad networks and brands all want to be sure their ads are being displayed in the best place possible. More Accurate Content Tagging = Better Ad Targeting Using automatically generated IAB certified labels means, our users can intelligently categorize large amounts of content, retrospectively or in near real time, to intelligently understand and tag content. These tags can then be used to improve how content is managed and where ads are placed using intelligent semantic/contextual driven targeting powered by the IAB approved taxonomy ensuring ad impressions are displayed in the right place at the right time. Building our classifier on the IAB QAG taxonomy means it is a lot easier for our users to build solutions and applications that conform to industry standards and integrate well with Ad Tech solutions like Open RTB, ad exchanges and platforms. We’ve also updated our SDKs to make it quick and easy to get up and running. Check out our live IAB demo or visit our documentation to see how easy it is to start classifying text according to the IAB guidelines. Start your Free Trial

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