We’re excited at AYLIEN to release the first of a series of bite-sized videos with our founder and CEO, Parsa Ghaffari. These videos will have something of interest for you whether you are entirely new to News APIs, or are interested in finding out what AYLIEN has to offer that is different from others. He’ll be explaining everything from a basic overview of what AYLIEN News API does to more in depth use cases across risk and media intelligence, and from customer case studies to a closer look at individual core features.

It makes sense to start at the basics for the first video: ‘What is AYLIEN News API?’ News provides signals and insights that are essential for any organization that, for example, identifies risk indicators, monitors brand health, or tracks market movements. But there’s a paradox where we live in a world where there’s never been so much news available — literally millions of articles published every day — which makes finding the news that really matters an incredibly difficult and time consuming thing to do. 

That’s why we’ve developed AYLIEN News API, which uses artificial intelligence, and in particular natural language processing (NLP), to help organizations easily and quickly find news that is relevant to them.

Our News API has three main pillars: content, categories, and entities. Content provides extensive news coverage of around 2 million articles per day from 80,000 reputable news sources, meaning that you have access to all the content you need. We then help you find the news you’re looking for through entities and categories, which are tagged in every article, creating an easily searchable news database that grows every day. All you have to do is search for any company, person, or product that you’re interested in, and choose categories from our extensive proprietary taxonomy.

The results will be highly accurate and relevant news articles, and news data, that you can use in a variety of ways, such as a news feed in a client-facing app, intelligence for client reports, or data for training models. Our customers use the News API to identify the most relevant news articles and events for their use case. For example articles on reputational risk for 3rd parties, articles on M&A activity for sales intelligence use cases, and articles identifying financial distress for credit scoring.

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