At AYLIEN, our News API provides access to hundreds of thousands of stories from thousands of news sources around the world every day. We are helping companies across finance, risk and media monitoring sectors leverage News Intelligence to identify the news that matters to them, empowering them to make better, faster decisions.



Extended Content Coverage

As we continuously improve and expand what our News API can offer, we’re excited to announce that we’ve greatly enhanced our overall content source coverage.

  • Coverage: We increased our overall source count from 15K to 80K, a fivefold increase! 
  • Global reach: Expanded our global reach across 200 countries
  • Articles: We now process and deliver over 600,000 news articles per day 
  • Historical: Access to 5 years of news content
  • Language support: We have added full translation and analysis support for Chinese content

With our extended coverage, customers now have more comprehensive coverage of global events, access to more non-English sources and access to more varied source types. Explore the extent of AYLIEN’s international coverage below.

Why does this matter? Simply put, more content means more media signals and more media signals mean more insights for our customers.


Showcasing Our Expanded Source Coverage

We thought we’d highlight the increase in coverage with a simple case study. Apple has recently been in the news as the first company ever to reach a $2 trillion market value. While this valuation was brief, this significant milestone warranted some media analysis.


In the timeseries below, we compare the volume of AYLIEN’s coverage of Apple news during a week period. We can see that the volume of articles returned by our News API significantly increased with the integration of our new sources, returning five times as much content as before.

News API Coverage
Timeseries of Apple News from 15/08/20 - 22/08/20

If we take a closer look at the breakdown of this content we can see that our new content provided:

  • 7 times as many distinct sources of news
  • 3 times as much English language content
  • 9 times as much Chinese content, including traditional and simplified characters
  • 6 times as much Spanish content
  • 5 times as much German content
  • 4 times as much French content
  • Twice as much Russian content
News API Coverage
Timeseries of Apple News from 15/08/20 - 22/08/20

Our volume of stories in languages currently in beta testing is also significantly increased, providing more coverage in Arabic, Turkish, Sweedish, Finnish, Dutch and Norwegian. With the launch of these languages in the future, the AYLIEN News API promises to provide even more value to our users.


Wow – now that’s a lot of content! 


Our scaling up of news sources not only highlights our API’s expanding reach, it also further emphasizes the vastness of news volume and the need for machine learning and natural language processing to monitor it continuously, automatically and at scale. Being able to find all the news that matters amongst so many irrelevant articles cannot be done manually — News Intelligence is the answer. AYLIEN is ready to meet that challenge head on. 

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