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    Competitive intelligence

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    Sales intelligence

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    Market research

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    Media monitoring


Detect meaningful mentions and signals from amongst the noise

Proactively monitor critical topics and entities related to your business, competitors, suppliers, and customers.

  • Real-time news from 80,000 web and licensed publishers in 6 languages
  • Monitor over 5.6 million entities with our proprietary entity recognition and search
  • Identify emerging events with over 4,000 searchable industry and topical tags, including a market intel based taxonomy
  • Spot events of interest early with anomaly detection, alerting, and RAG scorecards



Gain macro-level insight combined with micro-level detail

Give your analysts access to the data and insights they need to meaningfully assess the impact of emerging events on your market.

  • Identify trends and uncover insights with no-code advanced analytics modules
  • Understand the impact of historical events by leveraging precedence and context
  • Deep dive into emerging events at the event and article level
  • Build case books with bookmarks and easy collaboration


Inform and align decision makers and key stakeholders

Get the right information in front of the right people to make better informed decisions faster.

  • Create custom reports and an audit trail at an entity, topic, or event level
  • Provide expert commentary and annotation within your reports
  • Add advanced visualizations and tables with ease
  • Push notifications and data to where you need them via our scalable API and integrations


RADAR augments every stage of an analyst's workflow

RADAR augments every stage of an analyst's workflow

Aggregation, Search, and Analysis Features

Everything your analysts need to identify and act on critical business events

  • Global coverage

    Global coverage

    Access to c.1.2 million articles every day from every 200 countries and territories.

  • Machine translation

    Machine translation

    High quality auto-translation for 5 languages into English.

  • Intelligent search

    Intelligent search

    High precision entity- and category-based search and filtering.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis

    Trusted entity- and document-level sentiment scores.

  • Event detection

    Event detection

    Group similar articles together to spot and summarize emerging events.

  • Proactive alerting

    Proactive alerting

    Detect anomalies and configure alerts for entities and topics.

  • Advanced analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Auto-generate time series and trends visualizations without code.

  • Active feedback loops

    Active feedback loops

    No-code AI to build and train topic-level classifiers.

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Get in touch to receive access to Radar