Fiddlehead is a Canadian tech company that works with machine learning to find elegant solutions to complex problems in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Their new project is focused on predictive analysis of food label claims to give manufacturers the ability to accurately estimate future investment potential of different combinations of food label claims in their products, detect change points in claims growth dynamics, and assess ROI and claims value. One of the key input data sources for the project is media sentiment over a long period of time, which proved to be challenging to get from basic tools or data providers.


Fiddlehead’s news data requirement

To do this accurately for their customers, Fiddlehead needed relevant long-term trend analyses from their data sources, especially from news. For example, they wanted to be able to find out how media sentiment was changing over longer periods of time, with a 5 year period as the minimum. However, Fiddlehead were finding it difficult to get such specific data from basic search tools, and tools like Google Trends.

We are aiming to build food claim trend analysis using at least 5 years of data, and that’s where AYLIEN is doing a great job. Most of other companies are focusing on shorter time frame or have less consistency in their data.

Chester Fedorov image

Chester Fedorov

VP Data Solutions, Fiddlehead

Why Fiddlehead chose AYLIEN News API as their data provider

After comprehensive testing of a number of news APIs, Fiddlehead selected AYLIEN News API as their partner of choice. AYLIEN was the only solution they tested that provided them with access to well over the 5 years of enriched historic data, which was the minimum requirement for their project. 

Furthermore the consistency of the archived coverage, the robustness of the database, and the usability of the API signaled that AYLIEN was the right solution for them. 

Fiddlehead also identified AYLIEN’s cutting edge NLP capabilities as a major reason for selection. This includes “best in class tagging”, thanks to our world leading entity recognition, and our Smart Tagger category and industry taxonomies. The high quality of AYLIEN’s metadata was also instrumental. Fiddlehead also find the adaptability and the usability of the API to be particularly helpful.

Finally, Fiddlehead appreciated that AYLIEN provides “really good customer support” with fast response times, and are overall “really easy to work with”. 

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