Politics has changed over the last 5 years, to say the least. So too have the tools that power elections, and technology is now at the forefront of political campaigning. Traditional methods like telephone surveys, which are costly, time-consuming, and often inaccurate are being replaced by cutting-edge machine learning models that are trained on exponentially higher volumes and varieties of data. This is how Deck provides value for their esteemed clients.

What Does Deck Do?

Deck builds predictive tools that help political candidates identify the right people for their advertising and direct contact campaigns. It’s a more cost-effective, time-sensitive, and most importantly accurate solution for Deck’s customers than older methods. Subscribers to Deck use a web application that gives access to Deck’s predictions and forecasts for which voters are likely to vote for a particular candidate, and perhaps more importantly who is likely to be persuadable to change voting preference, providing they are targeted with the right information. Deck then integrates with the relevant outreach tools so candidates can reach the people that matter, when it matters.

Using Quantexa News API for the majority of our media coverage has enabled Deck to build models that generate more accurate predictions than traditional polling and survey-based methods, providing huge value to our customers.

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Max Wood

Founder @ Deck

The Challenge

A trail-blazing company such as Deck is moving away from tried and tested methods, in search of something better. As a result, they need to make sure that they provide predictions and forecasts that their clients can trust, otherwise, why would their clients take such a risk? This means that Deck needs their predictive models to be updated with a comprehensive amount of coverage of the most up-to-date data. One of the most critical sources of data is news, and Deck therefore needs to have constant access to high quality, timely, and relevant news data at a national and local level.

The Solution

This is where Quantexa provides a solution. Our News API aggregates hundreds of thousands of trusted news articles every day, providing Deck with comprehensive national and international news coverage, as well as the critical local news that their clients rely on. Every news article that AYLIEN aggregates is enriched with 25 data points using Quantexa’s NLP technology, making it easy for Deck’s clients to search for specific stories, candidates, sources, and more.

The Results

Every day, Deck gathers the latest local and national news content through Quantexa News API, and adds it to machine learning models with a variety of other data, such as campaign finance records and voter registration data. Quantexa is Deck’s primary news provider, with 56% of their campaign-level media coverage coming from our News API. Crucially, Deck’s models have led to half the amount of errors generated by polling and survey-based methods. Quantexa is therefore a critical component in the most accurate and timely election prediction and forecast tool on the market, that enables candidates to run better campaigns, and make an impact on voters when and where it counts.

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