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AI-Driven Media Intelligence with AYLIEN News API

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Our constantly learning technology lets you filter out the noise and build highly targeted streams of enriched media content

Supercharge your media monitoring app or solution with our flexible news service

Effective Media Intelligence requires an extensive and trusted content reach.

Our curated content partnerships mean we can ensure your reach is as wide or as narrow as you need, through a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

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Traditional media monitoring practices focus on keyword-based searches and mentions.

Our Natural Language Processing engine adds 25+ data points to every piece of content collected, providing an unlimited combination of search criteria and filters. This allows you or your users to build detailed and complex queries to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

Tracking brand and company mentions is important, but understanding context is key to Media Intelligence.

Our News API provides analysis capabilities that go beyond keywords and mentions to give you the smarts to help your users understand trends and insights extracted from text.

Stories break and develop at lightning speed across online media channels.

We deliver real-time content feeds, meaning your users can stay ahead of the curve and proactively identify risks and opportunities from their media intelligence process.

Build Scalable Media Intelligence Solutions Using Our APIs


Structured data feeds

No more scraping

Clean JSON response

Process Content

Advanced NLP and metadata extraction

25+ data points per article

Multiple languages supported

Easily Accessible


SDKs in 7 languages

Real-time and historical access