Why migrate to Quantexa News API?

  • Global Coverage

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    90,000+ Sources

    Multilingual web and licensed content from trusted and curated sources.

  • Cutting-Edge AI

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    65% More Entities

    Our best-in-class entity recognition model outperformed LexisNexis Metabase in a head-to-head scenario.

  • Fastest Time to Value

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    Easy Migration

    Search UI and documentation to get started in minutes, with a dedicated customer support team.

"There’s a lot of additional value that comes from Quantexa’s NLP and metadata. Quantexa do it better than anyone else."

Product Leader, Global Media Intelligence provider (ex-LexisNexis customer)

Legacy vs Bleeding-Edge

Legacy vs Bleeding-Edge

Content aggregation coupled with AI-powered enrichment

Modern media intelligence applications and processes require much more than access to content.

Our tagging and enrichments provide endless search and filtering capabilities to ensure you identify the stories and events that matter.

  • 26 searchable metadata and NLP enrichments per article
  • Entity-level sentiment analysis
  • Highly granular category and industry taxonomies
  • Event detection features
  • Multilingual search and content translation

Simplicity First

The easiest way to access and deliver news data

Data partnerships and third-party services shouldn't be a pain to partner with.

We do everything we can to ensure working with us is as simple and straightforward as possible both commercially and technically.

  • Simplified commercial partnerships
  • Feature-based pricing that doesn't penalize you for growth
  • Meticulously maintained documentation
  • Search UI to build and test queries

Simplicity First

"We really enjoyed developing the News feature with Quantexa. The team were flexible in designing a bespoke solution."

Harjas S Ahuja, Product Owner, Revolut

Valued Support and Joint Success

Valued Support and Joint Success

We're here when you need us

Critical applications and processes require deep partnerships and reliable support.

Our customer success and support teams will ensure you get the most from our News API throughout your entire customer journey.

  • Dedicated customer success agent
  • Reliable support and SLA programs
  • Established voice of the customer program

Research-Backed Innovation

Unrivaled Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning expertise

AI adoption is transforming the media intelligence space.
Our research and science teams are constantly advancing the state-of-the-art in deep learning-based Natural Language Processing (NLP) research.

  • 20+ research papers published
  • 560+ academic citations
  • Collaborating with the world's leading universities and academic institutions

Research-Backed Innovation

End-to-end News Data as a Service

The easiest way to aggregate, understand, and deliver news content and data at scale

  • Global Coverage

    Global Coverage

    Multilingual search and analysis capabilities

  • Multilingual Content

    Multilingual Content

    Ingestion and translation for content in 5 languages

  • Advanced Search

    Advanced Search

    Search and filter options based on advanced NLP

  • Entity Extraction

    Entity Extraction

    Support for 5M+ known entities

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    Identify positive, negative, and neutral signals at an article, sentence, and entity level.

  • Topic Tagging

    Topic Tagging

    Topical tagging for more than 4,000 known categories

  • Event Detection

    Event Detection

    Real-time event clustering and deduplication

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced Analytics

    Time series and trend analysis

Still not convinced?

Try Quantexa News API for 14-days or schedule a tailored demo.

Try Quantexa News API for 14-days or schedule a tailored demo.