Automatically generate a TL;DR for your text!

Sometimes, text we are dealing with, is just too long. Too long to read, to analyze and too long to consume. Summarization allows you to take the important, relevant points and topics from a piece of text, making it easier to consume and analyze.

Submit a piece of text, a URL or a full document and allow AYLIEN to summarize it for you, Extract Key phrases and sentences and produce a consumable snapshot of your text.

With our Summarization endpoint, you can not only reduce your piece of text into a consumable chunk, but you can also decide how short or long you want your summary to be.

If you’ve got a large volume of text sources to consume utilize the batch processing feature and summarize multiple pieces of text at once.

Summarization Example:

Let’s say we want to Summarize the following BBC Article:

GET /summarize?url=