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Related Phrases

Related Phrases, automatically provides you with a list of semantically similar phrases and words based on an input phrase or word provided by the user.

Put simply, given a phrase made up of as many words as you like (unigram, bigram or n-gram) our API will return a list of words or phrases, that are similar or related.

Along with the list of related phrases, we also provide a Distance Score for each result. The Distance Score indicates how similar the context of the suggested words/phrases is to one that the source words/phrases might appear in; the higher the distance score the more closely related they are.

Related Phrases Example:

Let’s say we want to automatically generate a list of phrases/ words that are related to “iPhone”:

GET /related?phrase=iPhone

The API will return a list of words or phrases that are semantically related to the input text along with a Distance Score. The higher the Distance Score, the closer the match.