Entity Extraction

Extract Named Entities; People, Places, Products etc..

Text documents often mention people, locations, products and organizations, which we collectively call Named Entities. They can also contain values such as linkstelephone numbersemail addressescurrency amountspercentages and so on. All of these entities can provide interesting and important information on a piece of text and improve the overall analysis of a document.

To extract these entities from a piece of text, we need to first identify named entities and values and then extract them as part of our text analysis.

Extract any entities (people, locations, organizations) or values (URLS, emails, phone numbers, currency amounts and percentages) mentioned in a given text.

Entity Extraction Example:

Let’s say we want to extract the entities in an article (URL) from Business Insider:

GET /entities?url=http://www.businessinsider.com/carl-icahn-open-letter-to-apple-2014-1