Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Dive deep into customer opinion.

While sentiment analysis provides fantastic insights and has a wide range of real-world applications, the overall sentiment of a piece of text won’t always pinpoint the root cause of an author’s opinion.

Certain types of documents, such as customer feedback or reviews, may contain fine-grained sentiment about different aspects about a product or service that are mentioned in text. For instance, a review about a hotel may contain opinionated sentences about its staff, beds and location. This information can be highly valuable for understanding customers’ opinion about a particular service or product.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis makes it easier to identify and determine the sentiment towards specific aspects in text.

Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Example:

As an example let’s take a Airline review.

GET /absa/airlines?text="As a backpacking student Ryanair was really my only option..."

As a backpacking student Ryanair was really my only option (being the cheapest!). I think their bad reputation is built mostly on people who simply don’t read the terms of their flight. It’s a cheap A-B service that saves you a tonne of cash if you stick to their rules. I actually found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. No complaints there! What I will complain about is the food on offer. I understand plane food is bad in general but this is another level of bad. The food is disgusting a overpriced unfortunately. Also, the seats are a uncomfortable for people like me who are over 6 feet tall. It was difficult to relax at times. My flight arrived on time which was great. This meant I made my connecting train. Happy days! Overall I was very pleased with Ryanair. The price I paid was really cheap in comparison to the others on offer and as someone looking to save money, this was really all I was after – a cheap flight.