Text Analysis Add-on

The first and only Text and Sentiment analysis add-on for Google Sheets

No Text Analysis or Programming expertise required, just install the add-on and hit Analyze

Powered by the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, this add-on brings a package of easy to use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning tools to your Spreadsheets to allow you to quickly and easily analyze any text. Let our Text Analysis add-on transform your Spreadsheet into a powerful easy-to-use Text Analysis Tool!

Whether you’re a savvy marketer or a seasoned data junkie the AYLIEN Text Analysis Add-on for Google Sheets allows you to analyze text with no programming or Text Analysis expertise in a matter of minutes.

AYLIEN Text Analysis for Google Sheets allows Analysts, Marketers and Researchers to Analyze text with no technical programming experience. Use our Text Analysis add-on to analyze documents, news articles, Tweets and URL’s from within your spreadsheet.

  • Summarize and Classify documents and articles
  • Analyze the Sentiment of Tweets
  • Extract context and entities from any text
  • 6 languages supported

Getting started is easy and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Check out our walkthroughs and videos on our tutorial page.

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