Risk Intelligence Use Cases

News content and data insights as informed risk signals

Country risk
Emerging risk
Reputational risk
Third-party risk
  • Country risk

    Country risk

    Track country risk events with international and local coverage translated to English.

  • Emerging risk

    Emerging risk

    Identify known and emerging risk with horizon scanning capabilities.

  • Reputational risk

    Reputational risk

    Identify and track events that may pose a threat to your organizatision's reputation.

  • Third-party risk

    Third-party risk

    Understand how your supplier base is percieved and portrayed in the media.

AI-powered Risk Intelligence

  • Aggregate

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    Data aggregation and ingestion

    Get instant access to over 1.2 Million news articles per day from over 80,000 local and international sources.

    Access Global Content
  • Understand

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    Risk identification and monitoring

    Discover and investigate global risk events and topics through AI-powered search and discovery capabilities.

    Discover Global Risk Events
  • Deliver

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    Quantitative and qualitative insight

    Extract structured insight from masses of unstructured data to bolster your risk monitoring and mitigation processes.

    Start Extracting Insight

Global coverage from trusted sources

Risk Intelligence has relied on subjective and siloed individual human experience for too long. Our comprehensive coverage of trusted content enables organizations to easily monitor global stories and events, and catch long-tail coverage risks and opportunities with a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

  • Real-time ingestion from over 80,000 trusted sources
  • Global coverage from more than 200 countries
  • Full analysis and translation support for up to 5 languages (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese)

AI-powered content tagging and search

Keyword-based searches are often inaccurate and inefficient, returning masses of irrelevant news to sort through. Our NLP engine opens up a whole new world of efficiency and accuracy by adding 26 data points to every news article, which can be combined as search criteria and filters to proactively identify and monitor the events that matter to you.

  • Entity, category, and topical tags and search
  • Article and entity-level sentiment analysis
  • Extensive metadata extraction, including source, location, timestamp and more

Detect events and investigate their impact

Detecting events in a risk monitoring process is crucial, but to fully understand your risk landscape, you need to be able to investigate events as they unfold. Our analysis capabilities make this easy, helping to build visualizations and models so you can take action to prevent or mitigate risks through news.

  • Event detection with real-time clustering
  • Time series and trend analysis
  • Structured data output for advanced analytics and model building

Out of the box content pipeline - no scraping required

Building complex scraping, ingestion, and delivery pipelines requires significant upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs. Ensure your engineers concentrate on what they do best by leveraging our end-to-end pipeline which removes the complex and cumbersome build and maintenance work associated with content analysis pipelines.

  • Automated article parsing and deduplication
  • Scalable end-to-end ingestion pipeline
  • Easy integration with robust SDKs and extensive documentation

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Services

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    Risk identification and monitoring

    Transform your financial and non-financial risk monitoring processes.

    Identify and Monitor Risk
  • Information Services

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    Discovery and investigation

    Augment ineffective investigation and research processes.

    Augment Research Processes

End-to-end News Intelligence Platform

End-to-end News Intelligence Platform
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    80,000+ trusted multilingual sources

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    26 searchable NLP enrichments per article

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    Simplified analysis features for spotting patterns and trends

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    Seamless integration and robust SDKS

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