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1 Feb, 2019
A Hierarchical Multi-task Approach for Learning Embeddings from Semantic Tasks
1 Feb, 2019
Latent Multi-task Architecture Learning
6 Nov, 2018
Off-the-Shelf Unsupervised NMT
31 Aug, 2018
Generalizing Procrustes Analysis for Better Bilingual Dictionary Induction
28 Aug, 2018
A Discriminative Latent-Variable Model for Bilingual Lexicon Induction
14 May, 2018
Universal Language Model Fine-tuning for Text Classification
9 May, 2018
On the Limitations of Unsupervised Bilingual Dictionary Induction
25 Apr, 2018
Strong Baselines for Neural Semi-supervised Learning under Domain Shift
3 Apr, 2018
360° Stance Detection
27 Feb, 2018
Multi-task Learning of Pairwise Sequence Classification Tasks Over Disparate Label Spaces
18 Jan, 2018
Fine-tuned Language Models for Text Classification
25 AUG, 2017
Revisiting the Centroid-based Method: A Strong Baseline for Multi-Document Summarization
17 Jul, 2017
Learning to select data for transfer learning with Bayesian Optimization
17 JUL, 2017
Modeling documents with Generative Adversarial Networks
23 May, 2017
Sluice networks: Learning what to share between loosely related tasks
8 Feb, 2017
Data Selection Strategies for Multi-Domain Sentiment Analysis
7 Feb, 2017
Knowledge Adaptation: Teaching to Adapt
28 Oct, 2016
Towards a continuous modeling of natural language domains
9 Sep, 2016
A Hierarchical Model of Reviews for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
9 Sep, 2016
23 May, 2016
Emoji as Emotion Tags for Tweets
29 Mar, 2016
Opinion mining and sentiment polarity on twitter and correlation between events and sentiment
10 Aug, 2015
Text Analysis and Sentiment Polarity on FIFA World Cup 2014 Tweets
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At AYLIEN we are open to collaborating with universities and researchers in related research areas. We frequently host research interns, PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows, and we also collaborate with researchers from other organizations. If your research interests align with ours, please feel free to get in contact with us.