Dealing with Large Volumes of Human-Generated Content?
We’ve Got You Covered

We build intelligent tools to help you leverage the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand content at scale.

AYLIEN Solutions

We provide a range of Text Analysis, News Analysis, and Natural Language Processing products that make dealing with vast amounts of unstructured data easy.

News API

Natural Language Processing applied to streams of news data.

Search, stream and analyze news content in real-time. We crawl and index thousands of news sources every day and analyze their content, giving you a live dataset of cleaned-up news data to query.

Text Analysis Platform (TAP)

A Text Analysis platform that simplifies your NLP workflow.

Create production-ready custom NLP models in minutes. TAP manages the complex model building process, from start to finish. With TAP you can build, train, deploy, and maintain NLP models from within your browser.

Unsure Which Product Is Right for You?

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