Digital channels are an extremely effective way for companies to get promotional marketing messages in front of a wide audience. Online advertising has shifted in recent times as Advertisers and Publisher’s find it increasingly important to be more targeted with ad campaigns. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, getting your ad seen by the right audience is of utmost importance.

Most targeted advertisers use techniques such as tracking online or mobile web behaviour, consumer demographics or keywords searched by a consumer for more accurate targeting.

Text Analysis can provide a different level of targeting through Semantic Targeting. Being able to go beyond analyzing just keywords on a webpage or viewer behaviour, ensures the right ad can be shown on the most appropriate page to the right target audience.


Digital advertising has become ineffective, irrelevant and at times damaging.


Improve branding, CTR’s and engagement with Semantic Advertising.

Ads that are actually relevant


Use Cases

Ad Targeting

  • Ensure your ads get in front of the right audience with semantic targeting.
  • Don’t rely on Keywords, outdated ad networks and cookies to target your ads.
  • Add more context to your ad targeting and improve CTR’s.

Brand Development

  • Ensure your brand is represented in the best way possible online through advertising strategies.
  • Eliminate the risk of your ad showing up on the wrong webpage.
  • QA your ad placement strategy or even your ad-agencies’ effectiveness.

Ad Profiling

  • Profile and classify users on more than just demographics by focusing on the context of ads.
  • Increase ad engagement with a more targeted ad group.
  • Improve CTR’s through contextualised ads relevant to your ad group.


The features listed below outline the API functions that are most commonly used in Advertising use cases.

Article Extraction

Analyze entire webpages to understand what they are about and serve the most relevant ad for that particular page and the end user.

Language Detection

Match the language of your ad with the language a web page is written in to improve relevancy and CTR’s.


Match the classification of ads with relevant pages and vice versa.

Concept Extraction

Move beyond keyword targeting to serve super targeted ads that are matched to the concepts expressed on the hosting webpages.

Intent Prediction

Go beyond demographically targeted ads on social media, look for buying signals by analyzing intent from social media data.

Keyword Tracking

Extract and reference keywords from the content on web pages and combine them with other insights to enhance the relevancy of ads.