Sample Apps


Ebooks and Guides

Here you’ll find some useful content on Text Analysis, datasheets and everything you need to know about our Text Analysis API.

Text Analysis 101: Document Classification

An easy to understand guide, designed for the semi-technical reader, who’s interested in learning more about the Text Analysis process.

Text and Image Analysis: Data Sheet

A high-level overview of the AYLIEN API. Information on Solutions, Features and Pricing.

Data Sets and Sample Apps

There’s nothing hackers love more than sample datasets and apps to test the capabilities of products. Check out some of our sample apps and datasets available for download below.

Sample App and Dataset

A simple application that utilizes a dataset of tweets and news articles to help get you started with our API.

Build a social listening app

Ever wanted to monitor the sentiment of your brand or mine Twitter for leads?

This tutorial guide walks you through the process of developing your very own Sentiment Analysis tool for Twitter.

Community Content

We’re lucky enough to have a user base of thousands of developers who love to build cool stuff with our API. Below you’ll find links to some of the projects our community has been working on.

R/ AYLIEN Binding

Rlogo (1)

A simple tutorial document that walks you through getting up and running with our API and R.

Laravel 5 Wrapper


A neat Laravel 5 friendly wrapper for our PHP SDK.

Laravel 5 Wrapper

Screen shot 2015-07-03 at 10.18.21 AM

An AYLIEN Powershell module for automated Text Analysis.

How-to Guides

We do our very best to make sure our API is incredibly easy to use. As part of this initiative, we’ve created a number of how-to guides which you should find useful if you’re new to Text Analysis and our API.

Basic getting started guide

A simple tutorial document designed to get you making calls to our API in a number of minutes.

If you’re new to the API or a coding novice, this guide will save you a lot of time.

AYLIEN Text Analysis with RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a very popular tool among Hackers and Data Scientists.

This step by step guide, walks through a real-life example of using AYLIEN Text API with RapidMiner to analyse movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Data Science Blogs

Our blog is really popular with our new and existing users. It’s a content hub of data science blogs, tutorials and thought leader pieces.