Publisher Tools

As a publisher, you face an incredible number of challenges, but it all comes down to this: your readers want more content, and they want it fast. So how do you keep up? You create an intelligent, self-sustaining labor force (or, in this case, we create it for you).

Your new labor force approaches the problem from two fronts, because growing an audience is about more than posting engaging content. The News Ticker makes sure your site always has the latest and hottest stories from around the web. The Social Media Alien keeps your followers engaged across all your social networks. And they're doing it all on your terms.

News Ticker

The News Ticker beams real-time content directly to your site. Intelligent features like semantic topic extraction and social score aggregation work behind the scenes to deliver a perfectly tailored experience, and personalized design means it will all blend in seamlessly.

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Social Media Alien

The Social Media Alien takes the guesswork (and hard work) out of social engagement. It automatically posts content relevant to your followers across Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Drive it yourself, or set it to auto-pilot, then relax and watch your follower count grow.

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