Extract Meaning from HTML

Microformats are simple conventions or entities that are used on web pages, to describe a specific type of information; Contact info, Reviews, Products, People, Events, etc.

Microformats are often included in the HTML of pages on the web to add semantic information about that page. They make it easier for machines and software to scan, process and understand webpages.

AYLIEN Microformat Extraction allows users to detect, parse and extract embedded Microformats when they are present on a page.

automatically extract entities from a document

Microformat Extraction Example:

This endpoint can be used to extract Microformats from a webpage. As an example take the following webpage: http://tomorris.org

    GET /microformats?url=http://tommorris.org/

Yields the following result:

  "hCards": [{
    "location": {
      "id": "4aef7ad915718d57463d6f3405c3e6e3c1a58d85",
      "latitude": "50.8212025",
      "longitude": "-0.1431826"
    "photo": "/images/me.jpg",
    "email": "tom@tommorris.org",
    "fullName": "Tom Morris",
    "structuredName": {
      "id": "df28ebe7466663f0e03e93e0d70ed976654e6a6c",
      "givenName": "Tom",
      "familyName": "Morris"
    "logo": "/images/me.jpg",
    "id": "a8854a8fd9bdd9add4108a39179810c661bc4232"