You wouldn't scale a mountain without the proper tools (that's how people get hurt), so why would you tackle a mountain of data without making sure you're properly equipped? With extraordinary tools, you can do extraordinary things.

The Text Analysis API pours through a text (or texts), eliminates the extranneous, and delivers powerful insight that you can use. The News API tames the chaos of news consumption, delivering only the freshest, most relevant content.

Text Analysis API

The Text Analysis API brings order to chaos by providing article extraction and summarization, classification, entity and concept extraction, sentiment analysis, and even language detection. And you can be up and running in minutes- just create a Mashape account, subscribe to the API, and start using it.

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News API

The News API distills the overwhelming stream of news to a more digestible format, filtering content from 50+ major sources and delivering the most relevant based parameters you specify. It's powerful, real-time intelligence that obeys your every command.

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