What's Your Data Doing for You?

Our tools empower you to turn meaningless data into meaningful interactions.

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AYLIEN Intelligence

When we landed, we observed a curious phenomenon: humans were gathering a tremendous amount of data—2.8 zettabytes in 2012 alone!—but were doing very little with it. So we developed an intelligence serum (before you ask- no, it doesn't work on people), and gave data a much-needed dose of intelligence. Now, we're unharnessing the potential of your data. Whether you're a news organization, a developer, or a news junkie, you'll soon see what a dose of AYLIEN intelligence can do.



Our advanced APIs convert a flood of data into manageable insights, so your platform can thrive.


Publisher Tools

Give your readers what they want, and keep them coming back for more. No more compromises.


Consumer Apps

Our apps listen to and learn from you, because you're more than the sum of your parts.


Text Analysis API

Not all data is created equal. The Text Analysis API removes the fluff and extracts real insight from a given text with surgical precision.

News API

The News API turns the news firehose into a potent, relevant stream, engineered to your precise specifications.

Publisher Tools

News Ticker

The Ticker works around the clock to engage your readers by beaming the freshest, most relevant content from around the web to your site.

Social Media Alien

You may not always have something to say, but the Social Media Alien does. Automatically post ultra-relevant content to all your social networks.

Consumer Apps


Talk.ee is a platform for your unique voice. Share your interests and discuss what matters to you with a community built around you.


Until the Web understands your taste, it doesn't understand you. Your oTaste profile changes that. It's like Gravatar for your taste.

See our Text API in action!

A demo page for our Text Analysis API is now avaibable. Check it out!